FarRail Tours – General Terms and Conditions

All arrangements are made subject to the following terms and conditions and the completion of the internet booking form by the Client and/or his representative is confirmation of acceptance and agreement to be bound by these conditions.

1. Miscellaneous

FarRail Tours (FRT) is an association for encouragement, preservation and the use of historical railway stock and railway infrastructures, the preservation and publishing of historical knowledge about historical about railway technique and technology and the use of steam locomotives and their advantage in society as a whole. For this intention FRT will arrange study trips and tours. To accomplish this it will act as a mere agent for contractors (identified on the accompanying documents) in selling travel-related services, or in accepting reservations or bookings for services that are not directly supplied by FRT (such as air and ground transportation, hotel accommodations, meals, tours, special trains, etc.) to enable tours to railways to support the use and the preservation of historical railway equipment and railway infrastructure.

2. Contract issues

Registration may take place in writing, by facsimile or by email. FRT will provide an email confirmation for each registration. Upon such confirmation, registration shall be binding for both parties. The number of participants is limited. Registrations shall be accepted in the order of submission. In the event of over-booking, FRT shall enter applicants on waiting lists and shall offer an alternative date for participation if possible.

FRT acts only on behalf of hotels, airlines, cruise lines, bus companies and/or owners, operators or contractors (all hereinafter called Contractors) providing services in connection with these tours; and all tickets, receipts, coupons and vouchers are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by these Contractors. FRT is solely responsible for guiding the tour. Please remember that many services, as the specific use of certain kinds of rolling stock, cannot be guaranteed by FRT.

In the purchase or reservation of flights or other airline accountable activities FarRail Tours acts as a ticket provider only, will effect all flight purchases before or in immediate exchange for no less than the agreed deposit at no more than the airline’s published fares and all customers will receive either paper tickets or electronic tickets no later than immediately they make any such payment.

3. Liability of FRT

Any information concerning the services in connection with these tours are based solely on information given to FRT by the contractors at each location. They are at no point an assurance by FRT to the client of the services to be provided.

FRT, therefore, shall not be responsible for breach of contract for any intentional or careless actions or omissions on part of such contractors, which result in any loss, damage, delay, or injury to you or your companions or group members. Unless the term "guaranteed" is specifically stated in writing on the invoice, or reservation itinerary, FRT does do not guarantee any of such contractors rates, bookings, reservations, connections, scheduling, or handling of personal effects.

FRT shall not be responsible for any injuries, damages, or losses caused to any Client in connection with terrorist activities, social or labour unrest, mechanical or construction failures or difficulties, diseases, local laws, climatic conditions, landslides, abnormal conditions or developments, derailments, delays, or any other actions, omissions, or conditions outside the travel agent's control. Client assumes complete and full responsibility for, and hereby releases FRT from, any duty or responsibility for checking and verifying any and all passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements of each destination, and all safety and security conditions of such destinations, during the length of the proposed travel.

The liability of FRT is limited to the sum of the service provided by FRT. No liability is accepted on behalf of FRT in case of an accident or injuries during the tour. By embarking upon his/her travel, the Client voluntarily assumes all risks involved in such travel, whether expected or unexpected.

4. Change of Reservation

Change of reservation is only possible for changing a certain booking class (single room instead of double room or vice versa). The additional cost has to be paid immediately by the client. In case of a refund, the client will receive the outstanding amount minus the cost for change of reservation at the latest six weeks after the end of the tour.

5. Cancellations

5.1. Cancellation by the client

A cancellation of any confirmed booking before the start of the tour is possible. The client must inform FRT in writing (email permitted), and the following cancellation fees become due: Cancellation until the 90th day before the tour starts 400 British Pounds per person, from the 89th until the 60th day 40 % of the tour price, from the 59th until the 15th day 60 % of the tour price, from the 14th until the 8th day 90 % of the tour price and from the 7th day (including no show) 100 % of the tour price. The Cancellation fee has to be paid immediately. A cancellation while on tour is possible. In that case FRT is not responsible for the arrangement of the trip home or elsewhere. Unused portions of any tour itinerary, including hotel accommodation, specials, airfare or other items included in the tour will be refunded minus the cost for cancellation of the service provided.

5.2. Cancellation by FRT

In the unlikely case that FRT has to cancel a tour if we do not receive enough bookings up to ten days before the tour starts, we shall inform all customers booked on this tour soon after, and refund all deposits in full. In this case there will be no further obligation or liability on the part of FRT.

If FRT cancels the tour, it shall have no responsibility beyond the refund of all moneys paid to FRT by the tour participant. FRT reserves the right to decline accepting or retaining any person as a member of the tour at any time should such person’s health or general deportment or attitude, in the Tour Operator's sole judgment, impede the operations of the tour. If such person is asked to leave while the tour is in progress, that person will be responsible for charges incurred by their departure from the tour or their return to their home country. FRT will refund any money which can be recovered for their unused portion of the tour, and there will be no further obligation or liability on the part of FRT.

In case of force majeure or other causes (see Chapter 3) services may be cancelled. Refunds will be given if the contractors of the services cancelled will provide for that in their terms and conditions otherwise no obligations exists towards FRT.

6. Modification of services

Space at the selected hotels and air carriers is limited and confirmation of your reservation, at the tour prices quoted, is subject to availability. The right to substitute hotels listed for others of a similar category when necessary is reserved. FRT reserves the right for errors or omissions to occur in the tour descriptions.

If circumstances beyond FRTs’ cause either withdrawal or modification of the advertised arrangements which are made by FRT as an agent for the contractors of transport, accommodation and other services, FRT agrees to immediately notify Clients and if possible offer comparable arrangement or a prompt and full refund of all monies paid by the Client. Such withdrawal will not take place after the date when the balance becomes due unless for reasons amounting to force majeure or in the event that the Client defaults in payment of the balance. The client has the right for a refund or a reduced contract price in case of proven negligent acts or omissions by the contractors. The amount is defined by the terms and conditions of the contractors.

7. Modification of contract price

FRT is allowed, even on a short notice, to ask for a higher price for the services provided by airlines or the contractors when certain parts of the contract price change due to causes which are not the responsibility of FRT or the contractors including: currency exchange rate, transportation tariffs, official fees. The contract price can only be changed by that amount, which is caused by these changes. If the client asks for the cause FRT is obliged to give a full explanation. If the price for the airline flight changes by more than 5% the client has the right to cancel the flight without a charge. If the price for the other services provided by the contractors changes by more than 5% the client has the right to cancel that services without a charge. Notification must be provided to FRT immediately in writing, by facsimile or by email.

8. Payment

The prices quoted by FRT for tours include, unless otherwise indicated: all transportation, all lodging in hotel class stated, and only those meals as stated in the respective programs. They DO NOT include: expenses of a personal nature; passport and visa fees (except where noted); end-of-trip gratuities for the tour guides and railroad personnel. All prices are subject to change without notice, should there be any revision in tariff, cost, and/or exchange rates.

Final payment is due 31 days before the tour starts (if not stated otherwise in the tour's description or the invoice). Payment shall be made to FRT German or British bank account as shown on the invoice. Alternatively you can pay in cash on the tour. You need to announce you wish to settle the invoice in cash not later than 31 days before the tour.

All travel documents belong to FRT until full payment has been received. Service charges for cancellation, rebooking, or lost documents has to be paid immediately. In case of late payment by the client FRT has the right of cancellation of the services offered.

9. Shipment of travel documents

The mailing of all travel documents will be done on behalf of the client. Should the client wish to get the documents via insured mail he has to pay for the additional costs. In case of lost travel documents FRT will provide for new documents if possible. All cost for doing so has to be paid by the client. Usually the documents will be delivered as pdf-download.

10. Visa and other Requirements

The client is responsible for a valid passport, visa, vaccination, or other entry requirements for of each destination. FRT cannot, and will not, be responsible for any delays, damages and/or losses, including missed portions of the tour, which are related to missing, incomplete or wrong travel documents. FRT will organise visas solely for tourism, any other reasons (journalistic, business) are not allowed on the tour. In case of a client disregarding this, FRT is allowed to claim a liability up to fives times of the contract price.

11. Forfeiture of claims

Any claims by the client towards FRT are forfeited after four weeks after the end of the tour. Any claim has to be forwarded by registered mail. Claims are subject to German Law in respect of any question of liability and all proceedings shall be within the exclusive domain of the Germany courts in Berlin.

12. Invalidation clause

Should the provisions herein be in part legally invalid or incomplete, the validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.


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